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Keywords:Steel Plate Tools、Cast Iron Tools、Strip Layouts、Door Panels、Seat Parts、Inner Car Parts
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Steel Plate Tools
Cast Iron Tools
Strip Layouts
Door Panels
Seat Parts
Inner Car Parts
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Aluminum Parts
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Dongguan SYH Tooling Co.,Ltd

     Our company was established in 2004 specializing in building dies and producing parts for automotive, home appliance and office appliance industry. 
     We have 340 employees including 40 designers with Autoform for simulation and AutoCAD, UG, Catia for design. Our capacity includes 16 CNC machines with the biggest one 4000*2500mm, 21 wire cutting machines, 32 presses with the biggest one is 2000T of the table size 6000*2500mm, 2 CMM machines...
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